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Starting a brand – clothing or otherwise, can be challenging. However, many brands today rely on the power of social media to get their business off the ground.

One of the great success stories of this type is Kylie Cosmetics. When she founded Kylie Cosmetics in 2015, she and her lip kits were only sold on her Instagram page and they still rank as one of the top makeup products sold in Sephora locations. To replicate this success story, you’ll need to spend time building up your foundation before starting a new clothing line.

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Starting a new clothing line from scratch is more sensible than thinking about fashion brands that sell clothes online. Start the business with something physical and make sure that people can touch something before they commit.

A strong candidate should know that customer support is worth its weight in gold, and good customer service starts by responding to all messages about orders within one hour of it being placed.

Anyone can start a clothing brand, even without social media experiences.

From my own experience starting small home-based fashion labels with just some small runway sizes and influencers, giving an introduction to the world is always difficult – it’s either you have a big social following or have substantial connections in the circle like fashion designers.

However, it’s never too late to step foot into fashion being innovative with models or new techniques for making clothes.

You see, this is how to start your brand without going through the latest app or getting famous as a model on social media! Doing so proves agency brands are agencies with integrity in breadth which resonate well because you are aware from experience why not everyone can just launch their collections of brands on social platform web links.

Customers are not looking for an out-of-the-box idea anymore, but they need brands that have honest and compelling stories to tell.

Starting with the basics is a great way to get started in any industry. But starting your fashion label is complicated as you would be creating your market. Luckily there are many free resources where you can build your foundation which you’ll need in the latter days of business and available at no cost.

Fox suggests building social media either before or after you launch your brand to create products. Even when companies have limited funds, Taylor Fox offers “Free or Cheap Promotions” by showing them how to use coupons, discounts, and e-commerce stores with customizable discount codes at no fee. All these tactics are available without ever having to pay for social media which is one of the most expensive investments for a company on earth.

Social Media Promotion- create products and advertise before or after company launch; make full use of coupon shopping website.

Free or Cheap Promotions- there are no fees associated with promotional tactics such as coupons and discounts
If someone is an established designer and either graduated from a fashion school or has some design pedigree behind them then more power to them. But if you’re a novice, what are the basics of starting a clothing line?


Granted, this question can vary widely depending on the scope and goal of one’s own fashion company. A starter step for someone wanting to start small on Instagram would be to produce tees with their illustrated branding (or the sort) and be strategic in what sort of followings they look to attract through tags.

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