Brandfolder Software Review 2022

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Brandfolder is a piece of software that bills itself as the DAM (Digital Asset Management) solution that is simultaneously the easiest to use and the most powerful in the whole wide globe. It showcases a user-friendly design that makes it easy for users to organize, share, and collaborate on content, all inside a single hub. The solution enables businesses to improve their productivity since it is simple to implement and comprehend. The application runs in the cloud. Users thus have the assurance that their brand assets are secure and can be easily recovered whenever and wherever they choose to do so. An in-depth examination of how resources are utilized, who uses them, and a great deal more may be obtained through the application’s utilization of this data. The use of this information can be beneficial to firms in terms of marketing strategy and development. When a business has access to a DAM solution that is both straightforward and dependable, it is able to operate more effectively.

The BRANDFOLDER: A Step-by-Step Guide

The following is a tutorial that will illustrate how this brand management software may assist you:


Support for a Number of Different File Formats: Different forms of media come in a variety of file sizes and formats. Brandfolder is compatible with all media formats, including photographs, videos, audio files, and documents in a diverse range of file kinds.

Guest Submit allows other partners to quickly and simply upload files to your Brandfolder without requiring you to provide them access to your account.

Everything Is Safely Stored: Maintaining the safety of your brand’s assets is one of our utmost priorities. In order to construct and manage Brandfolder, our engineering team makes use of the most up-to-date and effective technologies and procedures. Additionally, we have put in place various layers of protection to safeguard your information and create backups.

Easy Bulk The process of uploading assets has never been simpler; simply drag and drop individual files or hundreds of files all at once, and you’ll see them immediately populate into your Brandfolder.

FTP Ingest: With the FTP ingest procedure, you can quickly and easily import big file sizes and quantities of assets from an FTP server right into Brandfolder.

When you organize, materials using Collections, you may curate the appropriate assets for particular audiences, both internally and outside. This can be done in both cases. Collections provide you the ability to pick what content to show to which users and for how long they will see it, thanks to their granular user rights.

Sections allow you to modify, organize, and personalize the way in which your information is arranged in your Brandfolder through the use of specialized folders. Sections are structured according to the logical asset type by default. You may add, delete, and alter the Sections to better fit your needs in terms of brand management.

Labels: utilize Labels as an advanced organizing function that provides peace of mind with regard to a folder’s structure. Think about labels in the same way that you think of the playlists on your music player: any asset, or assets, may be assigned to a label, or several labels.

Attachments allow you to arrange material according to product, promotion, or usage by combining numerous files into a single asset and grouping them together.


When sorting, do it swiftly and organize your assets according to date, name, position, and popularity. You should determine what the default sort order is for your visitors.

Filtering allows you to rapidly identify assets that are relevant to your use case by allowing you to filter results based on Tags, Custom Fields, Metadata, Orientation, Favorites, and other criteria.


Brandfolder is a brand management software that allows users to easily locate what they are searching for by entering specific tags and categorizing files into “collections” that are based on a theme or are sorted according to a predetermined set of criteria. In addition to this, you are able to conduct bulk activities and define certain authorization levels.

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