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Making money on Fiverr in 2021 can be easy for you. By reading this article you will know how to create an appeal in your gig to hook the buyer with your gig.

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Making money on Fiverr can be amazing for you. If you want to get recurring passive income and travel the world, then Fiverr is the best platform for you to make money online.

How Beginners Can Make Money On Fiverr In 2021, make money on fiverr, Fiverr, fiverr, freelance, business, startup

Utilizing your skills and getting paid for them is amazing. Fiverr is the platform that can give you that extra boost to your passive income as a beginner. People usually get hopeless after not getting orders on Fiverr and that happened to me as well. It took me almost a year to understand Fiverr but I remained persistent.

I know that I took a lot of time but I will not let that happen to you. By following my guidelines you will not only rank better but also get orders quickly.

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Here are my guidelines for you to earn money online from Fiverr:

  1. Establish Your Skillset

Before starting a Fiverr business, you need to identify what services you are going to offer here. Being a professional in something is amazing as you will communicate better with your client and can persuade them to place an order on your gig.

Communication is the key here and your communication will show your professionalism.

Making money on Fiverr can be easy if you know what tools are required to fulfil the order. For example, you have a gig of Amazon Product Hunting and you receive an order on this gig. Then you must have tools like Jungle Scout, Helium, etc to fulfil this order.

  1. Work on SEO

How to do SEO of Fiverr gig is a good question but most people forget about doing the SEO of Fiverr profile. In order to get into searches, you’ve to do your profile SEO.

Use a niche based username

Use niche related keywords in the description

Select skills related to your niche

Do profile image optimization

Doing SEO of your gig is most important if you want to make more money on Fiverr. You have to understand the Fiverr algorithms first that how Fiverr ranks the gig.

Beginners mostly don’t concentrate on SEO and that’s why they are unable to make what they expect. To create a selling gig, you have to add your main keyword in your title, description, packages, tags, and most importantly in questions.

For Example, you are a social media manager. Your main keywords are “social media management”, “social media manager”, “Facebook”, “Instagram”, “social media”. You’ve to add these keywords in all places.

  1. Write Persuasive Titles

Writing a persuasive title can be hectic for newbies. That is why Fiverr’s Top-rated sellers suggest having a look at other best selling gigs. You do not need to exactly imitate the title rather use your creativity.

Here are some PRO Tips for writing a gig title:

Keep your title short

Use the main keyword first

Use numbers (24 hours rather than twenty-four hours)

Use simple words in your title

Be true and do not make a grammatical error

By following all these steps you can write a good title that will rank better in Fiverr and hence will get your first job in Fiverr.

  1. Create Professional Gig Video

Buyers always hire those freelancers on Fiverr that are confident and expert in their field. If your words can not persuade the potential buyer to hire you, then a gig video can do this job. Presenting yourself and your services in a video is a good thing but you have to make a video of at least 30 seconds.

Introduce yourself in the video and share your experience in the field. Show some of your portfolios in the video in order to hook the buyer to your gig. Fiverr says that gig videos have higher conversion rates and can boost your income.

  1. Choose Low Competition Keywords

Usually, all beginners make the mistake of selecting highly competitive keywords. Ranking on highly competitive keywords is quite difficult but if you choose the keywords of low competition, then chances of getting ranked would increase.

For example, you are an expert in graphic designing and willing to create a gig of logo design. So do research first and then analyze what other bestsellers are offering in logo design services.

How Beginners Can Make Money On Fiverr In 2021, make money on fiverr, Fiverr, fiverr, freelance, business, startup


You can see that when you type ‘logo design’ in the Fiverr search box, you will see that almost 199,295 graphic designers are offering this service. Ranking on this keyword could be very difficult for you as a beginner.

To get ranking and order you have to target low competitive keywords within your niche. Go for ‘Twitch logo’ instead of logo design.


You can see the difference in competition. As a beginner, you will take a lot of time to rank on logo design and hence will earn late. But if you create a gig on the twitch logo with proper SEO, chances of getting ranked and orders will surely increase.

  1. Gig Pricing

It can be very hard to decide how you want to price each and every package. So one way is looking after your competition, seeing what their pricing is. However, you should not price your gig exactly the same as your competitor.

You are a beginner and you do not have the credibility that they have so you definitely have to price your gigs much lower than them. I would recommend starting at just $10 and then working your way up when you get more credibility.

Once you get about 15 to 20 orders on a gig then you can look into raising your prices.

  1. Fully Setup your profile

People are much more inclined to buy from someone who has a professional-looking profile. Your profile picture must look professional. You can add the username of your real name and you can also add your skill or niche as a user name (SEO Tip).

I would definitely recommend you to take the English test as I feel that it helps boost your gig in the Fiverr algorithm, especially if English is not your native language.

  1. Fill Out Profile Tags

Make sure you fill out your profile tags as well. In my case, I had gigs related to skills like content writing, copywriting, and social media marketing, so I had tags relating to those niches.

These tags are going to help boost your gigs in the Fiverr algorithm.

  1. Build Credibility To Your Work

Do not worry about the money in the beginning stages of working on Fiverr. That is the worst thing you can do. Just focus on building credibility not making money.

Instead of putting five dollars of effort into that $5 order, you need to put a hundred dollars worth of effort into that $5 order. You want to go above and beyond for your very first few orders.

This thing is going to do a few things for you. Firstly, you are going to get a five-star review. Secondly, you are going to potentially get a tip and get paid more from the person, and thirdly, after the person leaves a review a sample of your work is going to be posted on your gig.

If you have a bunch of very high-quality samples you are going to have a higher chance of getting more orders. This once again ties back into having a very professional-looking gig that models after your competition and having a bunch of high-quality samples of your work on your gig is just going to add on to them.

  1. Respond as Early as Possible

When you get messages, respond as fast as possible. Having a fast response time is a very good sign. The Fiverr algorithm loves when you have a fast response time so they are going to recommend your gig to more people if you reply fast.

To manage your response rate, download the Fiverr app. So whenever you receive a message from any client, you will get notifications every single time.

You get a message and then you can right away just hop on the app and message the person back.

  1. Be Patient

The key and most important tip is to be patient. It took me almost a year to get my 1st order. It took a while before I finally started getting orders consistently and even now I still get very inconsistent orders.

In the first month I got five orders and then the other month August maybe, I got eleven orders. So when it comes to growing your business on Fiverr you have to be very very patient there are a lot of different factors.

No matter what kind of gig you have you are going to get orders so long as you implement and maximize each and every single tip that I just shared.

Do This First For Succes In Fiverr

You just signed up for the Fiverr platform to become a seller and you want to know how to make a profitable business there. Before start selling, you need to buy someone else’s gig. This method will prove how much you can make on Fiverr.

There are three reasons for becoming a buyer on Fiverr if you want to become a better seller in a long run.


1st Reason

Buying someone else’s gig makes you a better seller because it gives you some first-hand experience on how to conduct research for services on Fiverr.

My suggestion is to purchase a service that you know absolutely nothing about because that really helps you get in the mindset of a brand new buyer on the platform.

You will go through the exact same things that your potential client will go. When you are looking to narrow down which seller to purchase from and that things could be like how you conduct a search, what kind of parameters you input, how you filter that search on a deeper level, what kind of titles or thumbnails stand out to you, are you attracted to certain thumbnail images or gig videos, and how they structure their gig appeal to you more than someone else’s.

Conducting a search for a service you intend to buy will help you gather information on what your search preferences are.

There are so many buyers on the platform that we do not need to win all of them, but the best buyers to attract are the ones that think just like you so take all of these factors that appeal to you and incorporate them into your own gigs and offerings because that helps attract buyers that are perfect for you specifically.

2nd Reason

The second reason that becoming a buyer can help you be a better seller is that it gives you direct experience in the ordering process. You will get to see firsthand, how to process payment, what kind of fees are associated, and where you might find an invoice.

You know the nuts and bolts of the ordering process that sometimes potential buyers have questions about but if you have never undergone the process yourself you do not know how to navigate those specific pages.

As sellers we only see our order page from a certain perspective, so going through the ordering process from a buyer’s perspective even just once can really give you some insight into what the buying experience is like.

3rd Reason

The third reason that becoming a buyer can help you ultimately become a better seller is that it gives you some insight into how successful sellers conduct their Fiverr business.

In step one, when you conduct your own research, you will most likely be drawn to more experienced Fiverr sellers whether they are level two or top-rated sellers and that is not a coincidence.

Most of these experienced sellers have been on the platform long enough and know what works with regard to making sales. So when you order from those sellers you are getting an exclusive glimpse into their workflows, what kind of requirements do they have on their gig pages, what is their communication style, like how quickly do they respond to you after you place your order, how quickly do they deliver within the delivery window.

So when you buy from them you are going to see how someone who has had success in the platform treats a new potential buyer. I went through this exact process when I first started selling back in 2018 and in fact, I bought the music gig for the podcast. That top-rated seller delivered the order in time but the music was quite funny.

I thought I was about to be the next big podcaster for the 80s and 90s old school video games and even though I never used that piece of music up until this very moment. Haha…

It was so much more valuable to me because it allowed me to go through the whole buying and ordering experience, from finding a seller, placing an order, uploading requirements, requesting revisions, and lastly submitting a review.

So if there is one way that you can invest in your Fiverr business and it can be as little as five to ten dollars, then buy someone else’s gig before you start your own career, because that small experience can really shape how you formulate your Fiverr business or what will be your experience making money on Fiverr.


Fiverr is a professional platform but it can also give good results to beginners. It takes time to understand Fiverr algorithms, but I have tried to explain them as easily as possible. Many freelancers do not get success because of not being patient, Fiverr is the place for all freelancers and patience is the key for new sellers to get success on Fiverr.

Just target low competitive keywords with proper SEO and this will bring your gig in searches. As a beginner, Fiverr allows you to create only 7 gigs. Create 7 gigs within your niche and turn your dreams into reality by earning money online.



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