Top 20 Branding Software for Small Business

Branding Software can really help a small business grow efficiently

The entire messaging of a company’s brand can be more easily managed with the assistance of brand management software by both business owners and brand managers. These solutions give users access to a single, centralized database in which they are able to develop, manage, store, share, and distribute assets and files in order to maintain brand consistency across all distribution channels.
Managing workflow processes for the creation and approval of new marketing assets and material is essential for launching new marketing campaigns and other activities that help enhance brand awareness and loyalty. Brand management systems assist teams in managing these workflow processes.

  1. Brandfolder [ click here to get more detailed information]


An industry leader in Brand Management software, Brandfolder delivers a platform that is as intuitive for users as it is powerful for admins, to easily store, manage, share, manipulate, and analyze assets across hundreds of formats including 8K video, documents, images, and 3D renderings. With best-in-class services, support, security, and scalability, Brandfolder helps global brands create compelling, timely, and consistent brand experiences with unparalleled efficiency and speed. Learn more about Brandfolder

2.  Filecamp


Filecamp is a cloud-based Brand Asset Management (BAM) software solution that helps companies organize and share their brand assets such as images, logos, colors, and brand guidelines. Unlimited users in all plans, each user configured with their own set of users-, and folder permissions. Unique custom branding options will make sure everything is in sync with your brand guide. More than 1500 brands from all over the world trust Filecamp with their digital assets and brand guidelines. Learn more about Filecamp


3. Windward Core

Windward presents a unique and powerful low-code solution for creating, compiling, and updating professional-looking documents such as product reports and sales slide decks. While many platforms fail to guarantee error-free consistency, Windward provides effortless accuracy with templates that connect directly to your data source and are built in Microsoft Office, so you can produce pixel-perfect branding deliverables in just a few clicks. Learn more about Windward Core

4. Bynder

Bynder goes far beyond managing digital assets. Our digital asset management platform enables teams to conquer the chaos of proliferating content, touchpoints, and relationships in order to thrive. With powerful and intuitive solutions that embrace the way people want to work, and a richly integrated ecosystem, we are the brand ally that unifies and transforms the creation and sharing of assets, inspiring teams, delighting customers, and elevating businesses. Learn more about Bynder

5. ThumbStopper Brand Manager

ThumbStopper helps brands and retailers generate micro-moments of engagement through the curation, segmentation, and syndication of high-value content across leading social media platforms. ThumbStopper’s Brand Manager seamlessly connects branded digital assets to your most likely consumers via native organic social posting and advertising at scale. Learn more about ThumbStopper Brand Manager

6. Pageflex

If your enterprise has at least 50 distributed end users such as sales reps, field marketers, affiliates, partners, or franchisees it is essential that you choose a platform that centralizes all of your marketing collateral and empowers them to execute multi-channel campaigns. A centralized platform improves efficiency, ensures brand compliance, and improves data collection, data that can be used to optimize your distribution channels and future marketing initiatives. Learn more about Pageflex

7. Frontify


Frontify brings together everyone who’s working on your brand – plus all the guidelines, templates, and materials they need – in a single brand management platform. With Frontify, you can centralize every brand asset, easily create brand guidelines to organize and showcase your brand, and streamline collaboration across teams. Used by more than 5,000 brands and 650k users, Frontify is where brands live. Learn more about Frontify



Protect, control, and own your brand and assets everywhere with Marvia’s Brand Management platform. Loved by the world’s leading brands and more than 100K users, Marvia helps you organize, localize and distribute your content to all of your channels. Use Branded Templates, Digital Asset Management, and Brand Guidelines to create more on-brand content, faster. Learn more about Marvia

9. Imagen

Maintaining control of your growing library of brand and marketing assets can be time-consuming and distracting, particularly when you should be concentrating on creative tasks. Imagen is a smart, simple-to-use brand management portal, that offers one source of truth for all types and sizes of businesses. Store, access, and securely distribute video, images, audio, and documents across your organization or to external partners through a customizable platform that is available from any connected device. Learn more about Image

10. Designer

Desygner empowers CMOs to equip their own people to be the best brand advocates for their own companies. Internal staff becomes empowered to seamlessly integrate and create materials while allowing your brand to stay consistent across all communication channels. Desygner is a complete visual and brand marketing suite with broad capabilities, allowing branding to stay consistent throughout the organization without ever compromising on the brand storytelling journey. Learn more about Desygner


11 Widen Collective

Flexible and easy to use, Widen DAM helps brands manage and distribute assets across teams, tools, and channels. A highly configurable metadata schema provides powerful, business-specific search and workflow capabilities. Plus, AI-powered auto-tagging makes assets instantly findable. Sync content across systems using the API or pre-built integrations with over 50 tools, from creative suites to project management. Widen DAM is available standalone or as part of Acquia DXP. Learn more about Widen Collective

12. Kontentino


Kontentino is especially suitable for global, regional or franchise businesses that need to localize social media content for markets in different countries or locations. This can get messy when your brand uses several different agencies for different markets. With Kontentino you have better control over the content quality and staying on brand. Learn more about Kontentino

12. Birdeye

Birdeye Listings consists of listings scan, listings management, and listings analytics. The scan identifies errors across all online directories. Listing management allows you to easily correct information and makes updates. Listings Analytics helps to know how well your listings are doing in terms of engaged leads, traffic, and search volume. Learn more about Birdeye

13. CHILI publisher

CHILI publisher is a powerful creative automation platform for creating smart templates for both print and digital output. It fits seamlessly into any stack or system. Plus, lockable elements and API connections to your data ensure content is always on brand. Create ready-to-use artwork in seconds for almost any digital print process and digital ad or e-commerce platform. Get a demo.? Learn more about CHILI publisher


14. Cliquify

Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing platform that helps recruiters, hiring managers, and employees engage with talent across social media channels with 8x more candidate engagement at a fraction of the cost. Features of the platform include brand management, AI-powered content generation, advanced analytics regarding engagement as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion at the job level. No ATS integration is required but supported. Learn more about Cliquify

15. Monday marketer

Enable any team to focus on creating the most influential brand. Marketing managers can now build the perfect high-level overviews for their teams. Discuss strategy, log creative requests, and assign tasks to different team members so everyone knows exactly what to prioritize. Analyze progress and campaign performance for any brand initiative. From ideation to execution, Monday marketer makes it easy to manage every aspect of their brand. Learn more about Monday marketer



16. Supplysail

Product information management solution that enables businesses to manage catalogs, digital assets, content optimization, and more. Learn more about Supplysail

17. BEAM

Built for large corporations $1B+ in revenue and a distributed workforce of 5k+, BEAM is the single source of truth for brand questions, requests, training, resources, inspiration, and other brand tools. Solving governance pain points for modern brand leaders by providing freedom within a framework and the tools stakeholders need to be successful. Built unique to your brand by global brand experts, with a tailored design for strategic user experience and engagement resources. Learn more about BEAM

18. Uberall CoreX

MomentFeed and Uberall have joined forces to create an integrated solution to help the world’s most forward-thinking brands get found, be chosen, and drive loyalty – all from a single point of control. The result is Uberall’s CoreX platform – a comprehensive, leading-edge solution that helps the world’s most innovative businesses stay relevant, competitive, and profitable, from online discovery, to store visits, to repeat purchases and recommendations. Learn more about Uberall CoreX


19. Pickit

Pickit aims to be the smartest, simplest DAM platform on the planet, making it easier than ever to source, store, share, organize, and optimize digital assets. Statistically, 70% of digital assets are underused or never used at all, making most content creation a total waste of time. And dollars. Common causes are scattered files, multiple storage systems, and complicated DAMs nobody wants to use. Pickit solves that with a single source of truth for all your visual assets, documents, and templates Learn more about Pickit

20. justLikeAPI

Building a brand reputation is not so easy. All brand management activities require lots of resources, but JustLikeAPI can help! JustLikeAPI is an advanced data extraction API service that enables companies to access, monitor, analyze and respond to reviews, or other data related to user accounts across dozens of review sites or social networks from a single place. Use the right help to bring your brand management to another level! Learn more about justLikeAPI

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